How to Buy the Best Wireless Router – Don’t Buy Without Reading

Learn how you should choose your next internet router, Choosing a WiFi router can be quite tricky and confusing. Sure there are some authoritative websites which make lists of best wireless router 2018 and best gaming router. However, we are trying to help you with this article, Please read the entire article step by step.

The necessity of an Internet connection has increased considerably in the past few years. People from all age groups require an internet connection to carry out daily chores. The children need it to complete projects, the adults need it for their jobs, and the elderly use it to spend their leisure time. Majority of the population uses a smartphone/laptop to access the internet. Hence, it is necessary to use a wireless router which can provide an internet connection to various devices simultaneously.

A wireless router is basically a router with a wireless access point. You can use this device to provide internet connectivity to PCs using cables or smartphones/laptops using a wireless connection. However, there are certain measures which you must take into consideration while buying a wireless router for yourself. We have listed them below and explained their importance in detail. So let’s get started with it.

Important: Most of the routers have a default login IP, Which for most of the wifi routers is You can visit this for logging into your Router and changing important settings.

How to choose a wireless router – An Super Practical Approach

#1 Know your budget and brand: It is really important to carve out your budget beforehand for the router. Also, narrowing down to a particular brand will cut down a hefty amount time in selecting an appropriate wireless router. There are numerous trusted brands such as Netgear, TP-Link, D-Link, Asus, etc.

#2 Number of bands: Different routers have a different number of bands. The band is typically related to the number or radios equipped in the router. There are a single band and dual band routers available in the market for a long time now. In dual-band routers, one band operates on 2.4GHz while the other operates on 5.0GHz. For choosing the number of bands you require, keep the following things in mind.

1. If you live in a densely populated area, go with the dual-band.
2. If you reside in a region with a sparse population where the signals from other routers do not disturb your, choose a single-band router.

#3 The warranty: Since the routers are electrical devices, there are chances that they might stop working due to some technical error or manufacturing error. If your router stops working while it is under warranty, you can claim a repair or replacement. Thus, select a wireless router with the longest warranty duration. Also, make sure that you have a service center nearby.

#4 Find your Internet’s top speed: You must know the top speed which can be delivered by the router which you are planning to buy and also the top speed of the Internet provided by your Internet provider. Always go with the router which has its top speed greater than that of your Internet provider.

If you choose a router which can deliver 100mbps and if your Internet provider provides with 200mbps, you won’t be able to make full use of it. Your wireless router will deliver 100mbps only out of the 200mbps. Thus, it is important to check the Internet’s top speed for the router as well as the Internet provider.

#5 WPA2 encryption: Along with all this, you also need to protect your Internet from being used without your authorization. Security is a major issue for wireless devices. Thus, you must make sure that the router which you are choosing supports WPA2 encryption. This is because WPA2 is the most recently introduced version of encryption and hence, it is the most secure encryption of all the other encryptions.

Some other points to remember:

These were some of the key points which you must keep in mind while choosing a wireless router for yourself. To make the maximum use of the router, place it in the center of the area where you wish to provide a wireless connection. For example, if you want a wireless connection in two rooms, place the router between the two rooms so that the connection is distributed equally in both the rooms.

Final Thoughts

If you have any suggestion for choosing a wireless router which we haven’t mentioned above then, please let us know about it in the comments section below.

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